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At JDMF, we deeply understand the profound and unbearable pain that accompanies the loss of a child, as we have experienced it firsthand through the loss of our beloved son, James. Our personal journey through grief has inspired us to create an organization dedicated to assisting families navigating the difficult path of bereavement.

We recognize that the weight of grief can feel overwhelming, compounded by the financial burden that often accompanies end-of-life arrangements. It is our unwavering commitment to alleviate this burden to some degree and provide compassionate support to families who have lost children to congenital heart disease.

In addition to providing financial assistance, we are dedicated to helping families create lasting memorials for their children. We understand the significance of preserving the memory of a child lost too soon, and we offer support in various ways. Whether it is through the establishment of memorial benches, the creation of personalized headstones, the development of serene garden spaces, or the planting of meaningful trees, we aim to provide families with tangible and enduring ways to honor and remember their beloved child.

At JDMF, we honor the memory of our son, James, by devoting ourselves to helping others who are enduring a similar loss. Our personal experience has ignited a fire within us to make a difference in the lives of families, to normalize grief, and to create a space where the memory of each child can be cherished and celebrated.

Please reach out to us if you are in need of our services. 

Birthday Cards

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Dates to Remember

  • February Heart Month (Heart Month Angel Calendar)

  • Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week: February 7th-14th

  • National Children's Day: June 11th

  • Rainbow Baby Day- August 22nd

  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day: October 15th

  • Children's Grief Awareness Day- November 19th

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